Easter goodness

Beautiful Easter Eggs by Martha Stewart

Confession: I don’t really “do” Easter.

It is true that I’ll happily eat Red Tulip Elegant Rabbits until I burst…  but that’s about it. However, when I saw these adorable, colourful eggs on Martha Stewart I really wished I was more into the holiday so I had a more valid excuse to make these (other than “because they look preeeetty!”). 

If I was still working with children–or had little ones of my own–these are certainly activities I’d attempt with (or maybe just FOR) them. When I was younger my parents made Easter (and Christmas, for that matter) truly detailed and beautiful events. There was one year that my sister and I awoke to find tiny, glittery, bunny paw prints left throughout the house. The paw prints trailed to little baskets with Easter goodies and notes from the Easter Bunny. The level of detail and the undeniable effort they’d gone to to make it look so legitimate and magical was extraordinary. It also kind of took away from the fact that we only ever got carob Easter eggs, not chocolate… but that’s a whole other story ;-)

Beautiful Easter Eggs by Martha Stewart   Beautiful Easter Eggs by Martha Stewart


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