Classic Tiffany Blue Wedding Inspiration

The classic Tiffany & Co blue has a cult following, and it’s easy to understand why. Aside from the fact that it’s associated with a world-renowned brand of pure luxury, on it’s own it’s still a truly gorgeous colour. Check out the Tiffany blue wedding inspiration board I assembled, featuring a Cartamodello’s very own Ribbon and Dots invitation in Tiffany, naturally ;-).

Tiffany blue (in all its interpretations, from the truest blue to more turquoise hues) can be applied to the colour scheme any style of party, regardless of the formality.

A truly formal, black-tie event would call for a largely crisp, white landscape with Tiffany blue accents, and lots of sparkle and pearls. I imagine a structured wedding gown for the bride,  bridesmaids in classic little black dresses, and gorgeous men in tuxedos. Champagne would, of course, be served in crystal flutes. A more casual, fun affair would feature an abundance of white and blue/turquoise streamers, oversized balloons, coloured cocktails topped with striped straws, and homemade cupcakes lovingly (yet not meticulously) frosted with delicious blue icing. Blue and white Jordan almonds could be presented as favours in white-ribbon-wrapped Tiffany blue boxes. Cute!

I also love the idea of these giant lanterns in Tiffany blue and white. Can you imagine how beautiful these would look lit up at night?

All images via various Pinterest contributors with no original sources referenced.

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