Wedding Invitations by Cartamodello: Cloudland Showcase

Cartamodello wedding invitations at Cloudland Showcase

Last night, Chris and I had the pleasure of attending the Cloudland Wedding Showcase as vendors, showcasing a bunch of Cartamodello’s uber-cool wedding invitations. It was my first time exhibiting anywhere… so naturally I was a bumbling mix of omg-I’m-freaking-out nerves and woo-hoo-this-is-awesome excitement. But the night was a huge success! And as an added bonus, it gave us the opportunity to meet some fantastic Brisbane wedding vendors as well.

Cloudland Wedding Showcase Invitation Poster

Cloudland Wedding Showcase Invitation Poster

Only a handful of vendors were invited to participate on the night. This meant we had the huge honour and privilege of being the only wedding invitation and stationery vendors there. It was wonderful to meet the dozens of excited couples (and their families and friends) who stopped by our table to admire the selection of card and wood wedding invitations–and associated bits and bobs–we had on display.

Cartamodello wedding invitation display at Cloudland

Our Cartamodello table at Cloudland, with our favourite wedding invitations and associated pieces on display

Cartamodello wedding invitations at Cloudland Showcase

Detailed shot of our Cartamodello display at the Cloudland Showcase. The wooden wedding invitations were a huge hit!

We’re so looking forward to doing further work with those we met on the night, and hope we have the opportunity to feature our goods at future Cloudland Wedding Showcase events!

Side note: If you’re a bride, groom, or couple looking for a beautiful venue in Brisbane, Cloudland is really an incredible place to start. Before last night, I’d only ever hung out in the downstairs or second floor public areas. I had never been given the opportunity to venture into the other function rooms on site (and had no idea there were seven in total!). They’re truly b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, and have different themes and atmospheres… such as the Alice room inspired by (you guessed it) Alice in Wonderland, the opulent Moon Room, and the vintage-inspired Heritage Room (to name a few). Well worth a stickybeak! (And I don’t get paid to say any of this–I just can’t get over how gorgeous it all is!)

xx Laura

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