Weekly Wrap-up | TGIF (for real!)


I was actually looking for a standard TGIF graphic, but this works too. Except after this week, I feel anything but fabulous! Exhausted and worked ragged: yes; definitely far from fab. It’s been a week (actually, two weeks) of near-all-nighters, early mornings, bad food choices (an unfortunate side effect of sleep deprivation!) headaches… oh joy!

Don’t get me wrong… a lot of exciting stuff happened in the last two weeks (I’ve just been too tired to fully appreciate it all!), which I’ll fully recap over the weekend or next week when I’m feeling a little more human.

I’m just going to celebrate the end of the week (when knock-off time finally crawls around) with a huge sigh of relief. Certainly not in style, and most definitely in pyjamas! TGIF? Yes, indeedy.

Laura xx

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