Printing wedding invitations on wood: great success!

Cartamodello Papeterie: now printing wedding invitations on wood!

Perhaps this post’s title is self explanatory, but I’m going to reiterate it because I’m pretty flippin’ excited: I can now print wedding invitations on wood! And this is the first great example of how good rich, black ink can look on beautiful mahogany. Isn’t it lovely?

This was a rush order for a sweet, beautiful couple of soon-to-be-marrieds, Ali and Matt. Their wedding date is not far away at all, so they needed these fairly quickly after an invitation order from another supplier didn’t go exactly as planned. They wanted something outdoorsy, but not too casual–they didn’t want their outdoor wedding to be mistaken for a BBQ (not that there’s anything wrong with a BBQ wedding!)–so the bold print on an unconventional medium (wood) was the perfect way to ensure their special day would be introduced to guests as something… well, special!

Wooden invitations are really something different, and they engage your senses in a unique way in the whole invitation experience (if we can call it that without sounding ridiculous!):  you can definitely feel straight away that this isn’t card stock; they smell beautiful and rich, like real wood (unsurprisingly!); and you can instantly see that each piece is unique in its own way, with the different grains forming a type of fingerprint on each invitation. I love a good tactile experience with card stock, and can spend a long time running my fingertips over swatch samples and enjoying the range of beautiful finishes available, but for me, these thin sheets of wood win the feel-up competition–hands down. (Ha!)

I fell in love with these as soon as I saw how they’d turned out. I hope Matt and Ali are as thrilled with them as I was!

Keep an eye out for some more wedding invitations on wood coming to the shop soon! (And they won’t all just be black ink, either…)

Laura xx

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